5 Dating Secrets Through The Most Widely Used Woman On OkCupid

Lauren Urasek was actually amazed when a reporter from a significant New York journal contacted her to interview "the most used lady from the dating site OkCupid."

The make-up musician and self-proclaimed technologies geek turned into an internet celeb whenever the dating site proclaimed her the a lot of messaged feminine user in new york. She made probably the most of the woman new-found notoriety, rotating it into articles for xoJane, a Tumblr web log and then a brand new publication.

In common: The highs and lows of Online Dating from the hottest lady in New York City, Urasek supplies advice, personal stories and essays to simply help singletons navigate the insane field of electronic matchmaking. Here are some of her techniques for taking advantage of your online matchmaking experience:

Urasek's introduction publication Popular is obtainable today on Amazon.

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